What is CyMath?

CyMath is a free mathematics tutoring program that provides weekly support during the school year to elementary school students and is designed to meet the mathematics education needs of underserved students. Because of the cumulative nature of mathematics education, CyMath strives to complement it at an early age by providing small-group tutoring and at-home resources. Starting the interventions in 3rd grade, and following the students through the school years, allows tutors to fill in the learning gap while it is still small. We aim to get students excited about mathematics and proficient with the curriculum and ensure they are prepared to pursue and thrive in math-intensive majors and degrees in college. Some of the CyMath content is modeled after the Algebra by 7th Grade program.

What do we do?

We give personalized help to each student through small group tutoring (two kids per tutor). In-person tutoring will start on September 5 at Sawyer Elementary School. In each session, students will learn while having fun. Check the CyMath activities in our calendar

Who are the tutors?

The tutors are volunteer graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science (CS), and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Iowa State University. Current CyMath Tutoring Team:

  • Prof. Namrata Vaswani, Dr. Mohamed Selim
  • Grad student tutors: Sarah McCarty (Math),  Seonghun (Hun) Son (ECpE), Jiabin Lin (ECpE), Ruoyu Meng (ECpE), Yingchao (Kat) Zhou, (Stat) Yan-Han (Henry) Chen (Stat), Chevonne McInnis, Rebeka Sultana (ECpE), Silpa Babu (ECpE),  Susanne ChitYing (Stat),  Vrinda (ECpE), Michael Chen (Comp Sci), David Walker (Stat)
  • Undergrads: Hae Tha Lay Paw, Jordan Kreuger, Ella Delgado

Who can join?

In Fall 2023, CyMath is partnering with Ames Community School District (ACSD), to identify 3rd grade students from Sawyer Elementary to participate. We hope to open up our program to all students in the ACSD in the future.

**Materials and snacks will be provided during in-person tutoring. Transportation from Sawyer Elementary is available after the tutoring. **

How can I participate?